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About Us

CUSH is a firm of Inventory Managers & General Business Consultants. Our goal is to become frontiers in the area of delivering Inventory Management services to our clients through professional stocktake exercises, expert advices and quality statutory standard reporting. As one of the first ‘‘major’’ Stocktaking and Inventory Management Firm in the country, registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission, we do our best to keep your stock and business safe from pilferages, loss/damages, misstatements, mismanagements and from going obsolete. If and when engaged, we render all kinds of services, from offloading your goods from the container, to ensuring they are properly stacked in your store and warehouse, allowing for easy location and accessibility.

We also install CCTv Cameras, Industrial Fire Extinguishers & Alarms for your warehouses, stores and premises to help you monitor the movement of goods and people while the latter protects you from fire disasters. In your stores and business places, we install inventory management and point-of-sale software, tailor-made just for your business, which allows for smooth sales process and helps you monitor the flow (in\out) of your goods\stock-items. All these and more we have delivered over the years to many clients from several industries and we could do same for you if only you engage us. Do have a good read and thank you for contacting us, we hope to commence work with your business organization.



Inventory is the blood of any establishment, lack of proper management will mean the end of the enterprise. We ail to redefine inventory management and ensure accountability of everything that counts for government, ministries, industries and all enterprise.


To be industry leader in delivering inventory management, audit and accounting services, through honesty, integrity and transparency, with speed and accuracy.