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Our objective in relation to taxation (including deferred taxation) is to
provide a reasonable basis for an opinion, whether:
– All transactions and adjustments affecting the taxation accounts are
– All recorded transactions and adjustments on taxation are proper ones.
– The tax charges including V. A. T provided in the profit and loss
accounts are accurate.
– Liabilities for taxation at the year-end are fully provided for and those
provisions no longer required are released.
– Assets in respect of taxation are fully recoverable and justifiable
– The basis of accounting is appropriate and consistently applied.
– Special features have been adequately dealt with and identified for
In addition to the foregoing we undertake:
– Registration of clients with the tax offices.
– Preparation of tax computations in accordance with the applicable tax
– Lodgement of tax computations with the tax office.
– Procurement of Tax Clearance Certificates from the appropriate tax
– Tax advisory services that would enable clients to obtain maximum
benefits under the provisions of the current tax laws of the country.
Relevant expertise is brought to bear on each assignment to ensure that all
tax allowances that are available to the client are claimed.


The Stock of a company is very important and includes everything you use
to make your products, provide your services and to run your business.
Types of stock:
• raw materials and components (used in production)
• work in progress (unfinished goods in production)
• finished goods (ready for sale)
• consumables (fuel and stationery etc).
Our objective is to provide the following solutions:
– Help you determine how much stock to keep.
– Choosing the best stock control method for your company.
– Designing and implementing the right control system to adopt.
– Control of the quality of your stock as it affects customers.
– Stock control administration to avoid damages and pilferages. 

Inventory Software

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Where the client does not maintain records of its transactions in a form
that can enable an opinion to be expressed on its financial statements or
where the client specifically requested for our services we can assist in
compiling and updating the following books of accounts:
– General Ledgers
– Sales and Debtors Ledgers
– Purchases and Creditors Ledger
– Cash and Bank Books
– Petty Cash Book
– Stock Records
– Any other record that may be necessary.


  • Enterprise
  • Partnership
  • Limited Company and
  • Incorporated Trustee

We’ve delivered these services:

Enterprise, Ltd, NGO registrations
Change from Enterprise to Ltd
Change of Business name or directors
Filing of Annual Returns
….and many more 


This department is in charge of:
– Management accounting and information systems design and
– Outsourcing and Procurement Services.
– Corporate Events Management.
– Computerized Information Technology. 


This department handles the following professional services:


Design and installation of internal audit processes in line with the internal control features relevant to the client’s needs.
- Preparation of relevant operations manuals for the efficient and effective maintenance of high quality internal control of the client’s business.
- Establishment of in-built checks and balances for daily monitoring and supervision of finance and accounting functions.


We offer:
- Advice on ways to reduce running costs in order to maximize profits.
- Provide guidance on various methods of investing funds that are surplus to client’s immediate requirements.
- Review of bank accounts statements, charges, interest, miscellaneous debits and credits.


This division assists clients in the following areas: - Preparation and management of business cash flow projections that are very accurate, reliable and efficient, monthly reconciliation of it for the purpose of annual reports and accounts.
- Construction of accurate and reliable Fixed Assets Register.
- Design and implementation of flexible and standard identification codes for the fixed assets of the client.
- Fixed Assets inventory and coding.


- Investigations
- System based consultancy
- Recruitment and Training
- Inventory Management & Point-Of-Sales Software
- CCTV Installation
- Industrial Fire extinguisher installation
- Inventory Valuation